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Here are some important information about travel tips about Nepal. Which is very important to know before you are travelling in Nepal. As my own experience the travellers who are not yet enter in Nepal, they are really interesting to know about Nepal. The best time to travel in Nepal, Culture, people and their lifestyle,  Do’s & Don’t.

his travel tips is necessary to know well about Nepal before travelling the aimed destination. So hopefully this information will help you some important tips. The travellers do not know if they visit first time in Nepal. In Hindu temple, there will be a sign “Entry only Hindus:  on the entrance.

Among Nepalese, even holding hands could become a sensation. There can be no talk of kissing. This is considered outrageous shamelessness. In Nepal, holding hands among men is merely a sign of friendship. Some Nepalese take the hand of the visitor in conversation. Attention this could be embarrassing for the visitor.

In the traditional houses in Nepal one cannot enter the kitchens without volition. The kitchen is usually a screened area. This rule applies strongly to traditional Brahmin families. In view of the increasing number of restaurants in Nepal, the importance of this rule in the cities is decreasing, but nonetheless it is still valid for foreigners – “caution kitchen”

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