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Alternative Route To Climb Everest

alternative route to everest | Berg Reisen Nepal

The search for an alternative route to climb Mt. Everest has begun. Mack Butter, a 70-year-old Frenchman, and Pasang Nuru Sherpa of Khumbu Pasanglhamu Village municipality -1, Bupsa, have started searching for an alternative to Khumbu Icefall based on Nuptse Himal. Mack Butter climbed Mt. Everest without oxygen 16 years ago, while Sherpa climbed Mt. 17 times.

According to party member Pasang Nuru Sherpa, they have started the route construction and construction work from the current season of climbing Mt. Everest. As the Khumbu Icefall Road is very difficult and the number of accidents is high, the task of finding and constructing the route for the purpose of alleviating the pain is urgent, said the correspondent Lhakp Gyalgen Sherpa.

alternative route to climb everest | Berg Reissen Nepal

The purpose of the road search and construction work is to connect the route to Camp 1 by bypassing Khumbu Icefall based on Nuptse Himal and to reach the peak using the old route from Camp 1. Mack Butter, on the other hand, said that he intended to climb Mt. Everest without oxygen by giving the option of Khumbu Icefall .

The way to the second camp is open for climbing Mt. Everest in the spring. The Everest Pollution Control Committee (SPCC) has taken the responsibility of fixed the way for the second camp. Due to the difficult geography including Khumbu Icefall and Snow Pit, it is challenging to build the route from the base camp to the second camp.

According to SPCC Vice President Lama Kaji Sherpa, six icefall doctors deployed by the SPCC, namely those who are experienced in making route in the snow, have fixed the way for the second camp. In some places, the route has to be paved with snow. The SPCC informed that the path was open and allowed the climbers to reach the second camp. Climbers or mountaineers will be able to reach the second camp only after the SPCC, which is responsible for clearing the path, gives permission to clear the path.

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In order to make the body fit for climbing, the climbers have to go from the base camp to the second camp and back, so the camp is set up in the second camp soon. Lhotse and Nuptse mountains, including Mount Everest, are also climbed by using the route from the base camp to the second camp. Almost 200 people from 21 groups have so far taken permission to climb Mt. Everest this spring. Similarly, 52 people have taken permission for Lhotse Mountain and 23 for Nuptse Mountain, according to the Department of Tourism.

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