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Bardia National Park- Bardia Nepal

Bardia national park

History of Bardia N. P.

Bardia National Park is located at the Bardia district in the Bheri Zone. It was established in 1988. It is spread over the area of 968 square kilometers. It has a buffer zone and community forest to avoid wildlife poaching and conserve the habitat particularly endangered animals inside the conservation area of this National Park.

Earlier during the late 1960s, it was the hunting ground of the Royals and then the Royal Bardia National Reserve was officially formed. It was then in 1988 it turned into full-fledged Bardia National Park. The farmers in that area were asked to evacuate and reportedly 1400 people had left. Thus, it had greater space for animals roaming and being an undisturbed place in Nepal it is now home of different species of wild animals, mammals, and birds. Some of the endangered animals like the royal Bengal tiger can be found roaming around in the national park of Bardia.

How to get in Bardia National Park:

To arrive here you can drive here on a private vehicle from Kathmandu to Mahendranagar that makes fifteen hours of drive. By flight, you can take a domestic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and take a bus ride from Nepalgunj to Thakurdwara. With us, you will be easily picked up at Nepalgunj airport and take you straight into the lodge.  The flora and fauna of this park are a diverse one with a mix of grasslands and riverine forests.

The park provides shelter to animals like white elephant, royal Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinos, swamp deer, blackbuck, gharial, marsh mugger, Gangetic dolphin, snakes, lizards, fish. There are about 407 bird species such as white-rumped vulture, Bengal pelican, peafowl, bar-headed geese, floricans. The entire park area is covered with savannah, grassland, and riverine forest. Besides the park, the area has a community health post and a museum. Tourists and travelers are attracted by Tharu dance often depicting the folklore of Tharu culture.

The best time to visit Bardia National Park:

The climate here is mostly dry from October to early April. Then from late April to June, the temperature soars up. However hot sticky days give way to the monsoon that lasts till September end. So we recommend the best time to visit Bardia National Park is during autumn, winter and early summer. During these days, the climate is favorable as the days are warm and evenings are cool. In monsoon, there can be floods in the riverbank and in peak summer it is very hot.

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