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Cycling tour in Nepal

Cycling tour | Berg Reisen Nepal

The cycling tour in Nepal is a celebrated adventure sport among adventure lovers. It is mainly due to the unmatched geography and landscape Nepal has to offer. One of the best ways to explore the natural diversity of Nepal is a cycling tour in Nepal. 

Cycling tour allow you to experience traveling from a different perspective. It is not the same as any other traveling packages. The cycling tour is environment-friendly and pocket-friendly too. It can be enjoyed either during your short vacation or a long vacation. 

cycling tour in nepal | Berg Reisen NepalFind yourself cycling through the ever changing plain and rough trails of Nepal. The cycling trails are challenging and exciting. You can choose the place of cycling as there are a number of cycling tour packages in Nepal. 

The cycling tour is suitable for anyone with cycling skills. To enjoy cycling in Nepal, select the best time of the year to cycle. Your cycling tour experience highly depends upon the season you pick. The dirt roads and trails should be in good condition for cycling otherwise it creates risks and problems during the tour. 

You will require proper gear and essentials for the convenient completion of cycling tours in Nepal. Our highly experienced guide will guide you throughout your cycling trip. The guide will be available for you during problematic situations to tackle it. They will make sure you have a great trip to remember. 

cycling tour in nepal | Berg Reisen Nepal


Why choose a cycling tour in Nepal?

The geography of Nepal is such that you will find any type of cycling road here. Beginners can cycle in the plain roads within the city area like Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. You can slightly level up the game by choosing the outskirts of the city area. Highly experienced cyclists can challenge themselves by selecting off-beaten roads of rural areas. 

These cycling tours will elevate your cycling experience and gives you an opportunity to explore the pristine nature of Nepal. Traverse the different corners of Nepal, a land enriched with traditional ethnic culture, world-famous cultural heritages, high mountain views, sacred temples, and unevenly dispersed small but stunning villages.  

Which is the best time for a cycling tour in Nepal?

Due to diverse climatic condition, different time of the year is preferred for different altitude rides. For better riding experience, riders should choose the best time of the year for a cycling tour in Nepal. 

cycling tour in nepal | Berg Reisen Nepal


The months from March to May refers to the season of Spring. Spring is apparently considered to be best for any altitude tour by avid adventure lovers. During the Spring season, the roads are in good condition and the weather is clear. Spring is favorable for both high and low altitudes. 


The months of December to February refers to the season of Winter. WInter is not considered to be one of the best times of the year for cycling as the temperature drops down drastically making the weather chilly and foggy. During this season, cycling around the city area can be attempted while a long-distance ride to the rural part of Nepal is not likely to be fruitful. Winter can be favorable for low altitudes ride. 


The months from June to August refers to the season of Summer. Summer is preferable while cycling at both high altitudes and low altitudes. Venturing to the dry roads of the Mustang area can be enthralling during Summer. Cycling around semi-urban areas is also a good idea during Summer. 


The months from September to November refers to Autumn. Autumn is not the favorite season of most of the riders due to the probability of heavy rainfall. The heavy rainfall can wipe out the cycling tracks making it difficult to cycle in the slippery road. You can bid cycling in city areas with low altitudes during Autumn. 

Is it necessary to hire a guide?

You are highly recommended to hire a guide during the cycling tour in Nepal due to various reasons. You are not familiar with the everchanging roads and alleys of Nepal. Expect an excellent company by the guide as they will share with you some interesting facts and stories about cycling in Nepal. Their technical knowledge will help you tackle technical problems. 

What about food and accommodation?

You don’t have to worry about food and accommodation if you associate with the brilliant team of Berg Reisen Nepal. They will handle your food and accommodation aspect so enjoy a hassle-free cycling trip. You can communicate with our team if you wish to discuss any aspect of the trip. The experts will listen to your request or queries and possibly work on it. The package includes the arrangement of Hotel, guesthouse, resort, lodge, camping, a homestay as per your desire. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the itinerary are also arranged by the travel agency. 

How tough is cycling tour in Nepal?

To determine the toughness of the cycling tours, different grading will be provided which will help in assessing the difficulty level of the cycling tour in Nepal. The gradings are given according to the roughness of the road and the distance to be covered. 

cycling tour in nepal | Berg Reisen Nepal

Easy – It is ideal for the riders with an average skill of riding bikes and an average level of physical fitness. Expect slight climbs and descents in the trail. 

Moderate – Average skill riders with a moderate level of physical fitness cand find this trip relaxing. 

Tough – Tours that require long cycling days so as to cover long distance off-beaten road trips are tough. Such tours demand high experience and tough physical strength with good bike handling skills. 

Very Tough – Highly experienced cyclists who are passionate and devoted to undertaking the challenge can complete this trip. It demands long cycling days, higher physical fitness, and vigorous training.

What is the cost of cycling tours in Nepal?

Long route tours to the isolated areas of Nepal can be costly. Short route tours that cover short distances are reasonable in cost. You can discuss the cost of cycling tours in Nepal by contacting our agency. Other than the cost in the list of cost-included, the agency will not be liable for other expenses. Full payment needs to be done prior to the beginning of the trip. 

How do I book a cycling tour?

It’s better to take the help of the local agency in Nepal while booking air tickets, tour packages, and accommodation. You can simply contact us to book your tour. A last-minute booking is also available. 


Cycling tours in Nepal can be an alternative way of walking tours to explore the hidden beauty of Nepal. Hit the road with your family and friends and have a life-time experience. To solve your queries about the cycling tour in Nepal, contact Berg Reisen Nepal. Our experienced team of experts will thoroughly explain it to you and also provide you necessary tips while briefing. 

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