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Ethnic groups in Nepal.

Ethnic groups in Nepal.

There are different ethnic groups in Nepal:

There are 36 different ethnic groups in Nepal. They speak their own language and maintain their own traditions. The valleys and low mountain ranges are inhabited by Newars, Tamangs, Magars, Limbus, Rais, Sunwars, Jirels, Kirantis, Thankalis, Gurunngs, Chepangs and Pachgaunles. In the Terai, you can find Tharus, Satars, Rajbanshis, Dhimals, Bodos, Dhangars, Majis and Durais. The Sherpa lives in the Himalayas.

Here is something detailed about some of the above Ethnic groups:


The Newar are the indigenous people in the Kathmandu valley. This society was created in the 6th century. This ethnic group speaks its own language “Newari”.


The mountain areas of Nepal are inhabited by Gurungs. Her main job is military service. That is why they are famous in the world as “Gorkhas” because they come from the Gorkha area. Gorkha is north-west of Kathmandu, which is very interesting with this ethnic group is the fact that they are divided into two main boxes. They are called “Char Jat” & “Sora Jat”. Char Jat belongs to the upper status.


The Magar like the Gurungs prefers military service. After all, this group of people is concerned with agriculture. They build rice, millet, wheat, buckwheat, corn, fruit, and vegetables. Some also breed goats, chickens, and cows. Pigs are also included. They speak a language that is related to Tibetan. There are many “clans” in Magar society. The Magars can also be found in other areas of Nepal.


Its origin goes back to the “Thak Khola” in Mustang district. Thakalis have become famous all over Kathmandu for their gastronomy with the brand “Thakali Bhojanalaya”. Their bhattis or hostels on the trekking routes are also famous. The Thakli Society is a mixture of Buddhism, Hinduism, shamanism and other Tibetan cults. Predatory weddings are almost a culture for the Thakalis.


The Rais belong to the Kiranti ethnic group. They are world-famous as warriors or soldiers like the Gurungs and Magars, the Rais are also world-famous as Gorkhas. Otherwise, this group of people also deals with agriculture. The Rais mostly live in the valleys of the Dudh Koshi and Arun Khola in the districts Solu Khumbu, Sagarmatha, Okhaldunga, and Khotang.


The Tamangs are the largest ethnic group in Nepal. The Tamang live from agriculture, but they can also be found everywhere in Kathmandu. In Kathmandu, most of them work as taxi drivers, rickshaw drivers, load carriers and chicken dealers. The word “Ta” means horse and “Mang” means dealer. so horse dealers. That means they deal the trade by horse.


The Sherpas have become very well known throughout the world through high mountain expeditions. They are also seen as load carriers. They are also good or experienced mountain guides. Remember the famous Sherpa mountain guide Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. They are very densely populated in the Solukhumbu district in northern Nepal.

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