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Fourteen Thousand tourists visited Khumbu in five month

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In five months, 14,000 people visited Khumbu.  According to Manjo Post, the number of people visiting Khumbu in Solukhumbu in the last five months is around 14,000 to 15,000. According to the data provided by Manjo Post under the Everest National Park, 14,515 people have visited Khumbu from January to May 19, 2022. Of them, 12 thousand 648 are foreign nationals and one thousand 867 are Nepali nationals.

According to Manjo Post, 204 foreigners in January, 49 Nepalis, 310 foreigners in February, 79 Nepalis, 3,126 foreigners in March, 525 Nepalis, 6,782 foreigners in April, 814 Nepalis and 2,228 foreigners and 400 Nepali citizens visited Khumbu till May 19. Correspondent Lhakpa Galgen Sherpa informed.

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The number of tourists leaving the Everest region has increased:

According to the office of the Everest National Park, the number of tourists returning from Khumbu has increased as the season draws to a close. According to Bishnu Rokay, information officer of the office, around 100 tourists have been entering the area daily and more than 300 are leaving daily. A total of 22,804 tourists have visited Khumbu from last July to April 10. Among the visitors, 18,036 are foreigners and 4,768 are Nepalis.

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According to the park office, most of the tourists visiting Khumbu are Indians. In Khumbu, the two seasons of the year from mid-February to mid-May and from September to November are considered as the main tourist season.

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