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Friendship during the pandemic

Friendship during pandemic

The World has seen covid 19 also called corona virus in the last one and half years like never before and still in most Countries lockdowns are still going on. This period has tested the endurance of humans in form of body, mind and spirit to the T. The possibly weak people who are prone to cough, cold asthma and viral infections were severely marred and the world has seen a huge loss of lives. The pandemic also shook the Countries economic   period by taking into a recession post lockdown and recurrence of virus in second, third and fourth phases. Natural disasters have also added fuel and this has heavily tolled upon our resilience. 

The independent people of the nations no longer feel comfortable while at lockdown, neither in Covid wards of hospital, quarantines and the isolation centers.  Cases of people losing lives while under treatment have also increased rapidly. The shortage of vaccine doses, loss of jobs, social distancing and a period of uncertainty due to the unhealthy political climate has really squeezed the life of the people.


The health priority is now the main agenda above the rest and the budget announced recently also has focused more on this sector than the other priorities. People who were so familiar with one another and their whereabouts now have to adapt to forced isolation, social distancing and interventions faced while dealing with public service sectors. Often we have heard news of clashes at hospitals where the patient’s family has a quarrel and lodge complaints against the reckless attitude shown to patients and their members by doctors and nurses. 

Many of them are no longer in social contact as they meet virtually than personally. During this period everyone is turning out for help to save them and their beneficiaries and communication with outside is deemed open. Due to scarcity of oxygen supply the local volunteer communities have tied up with covid hospitals and helped them collect cylinders from the household to be refilled with oxygen supply for dire patients and providing covid kit, PPEs at the peak of crisis.

People have been looking for comfort and care while preventing them from getting diseases. This is a time of resilience and solidarity. By grouping together to support the common cause and know about people’s safety and helping either voluntarily or by contributing to participate to uplift people’s life and looking after our beloved ones. Friendships and harmony in relationships, peace and security are the wants of many people. Governments that have stood for the nation are not always sufficient. Some of them have asked for help from private sectors to help them furnish the requirements. 

Friendship during pandemic

Friendship during covid is through extending our hands to meet all the necessary parameters to fight against this pandemic. Individually a person can donate bloods that can be used by blood banks, empty cylinders that can be used by the hospitals, looking and reaching out to look after one another and  mitigate with the health line and reporting problems to the authorities at the hospitals,  if another person carries unhealthy symptoms is a big effort. It also brings social awareness, keeping the differences aside and working indirectly  can also contribute to saving the lives of the people which is above anything else in the entire world by far.

Friendship at covid to me means no ignorance, clashes or a limited living space. It means sharing what you know the best to others to help them apply the positive techniques that can improve their lifestyle. Sharing and not hoarding so that everyone can have the mutual benefit out of limited resources, cherishing the life of not only yours but others who are dealing every day with the life threatening disease and motivating them to live better and healthier. Seeking positive advice and counsel to have a healthy space for you and your closed ones. It also means to eradicate feelings that are negative such as hatred, guilt, anger, jealousy but actually stepping above to live the life to the fullest with peace, friendship and harmony to cut off the side effects of this pandemic to the truest sense.

People can reap the benefits of healthy relationships by sharing their thoughts and feelings to one another through calls or chats on popular apps from their devices. They can ask about how the other person is coping with the crisis and what they have done to strengthen and improve their life. The inquirer should listen and take notes of some useful tips shared and try to implement them in their life to get positive results. They can reach out with help by asking for their needs at the groceries and fill them without all of them going out on their own. They can also express their positive thoughts and feelings such as care, attention, greeting and a light conversation on a call and avoid matters that trigger animosity and resentments. They can motivate the others further on their health goals and boost up morale to see the positive side of life and always being open and receptive about love and support through friendships and good intentions in one another. This can create a huge impact upon others to see the sunshine in their life and in others and know that we have much better things to do while we are living on our planet Earth. 

online conversation during pandemic

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