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Garbage collection of high mountains by Nepal Army team

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A team led by the Nepal Army has collected 33 tons more garbage from four mountains of Nepal. It is stated that 33 tons more garbage was collected from four high mountains in the concluding program of “Safa Himal Abhiyan 2022” organized at the Nepal Army headquarters Jangi Adda.  A joint team of  Nepal Army and Sherpas has collected 33,877 kg of garbage from Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Manaslu. The Safa Himal program was inaugurated on April 6.

The program was concluded by Chief of Army Staff Maharthi Prabhuram Sharma on the occasion of World Environment Day.  A team of 30 soldiers and 48 Sherpas was deployed to clear the mountain. Similarly, four doctors were also deployed. Two types of garbage were collected from the mountains including Mount Everest. Out of which 7 thousand 227 kg of rotting and 26 thousand 650 kg of non-rotting garbage has been removed. Rotten and non-rotted waste was managed separately.

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The Nepal Army has stated that some garbage is still being managed. It took the Nepal Army 55 days to clear Mount Everest-Lhotse. Similarly, it took 44 days to clean Kanchenjunga and 43 days to clean Manaslu. A Nepal Army team has also found two human skeletons this year. The team that went to clean the Kanchenjunga mountain found the skeleton. The army has stated that the legal process of both of them has been managed.

This is the third phase of the “Safa Himal campaign”. The campaign, which began in 2019, was halted in 2020 due to an outbreak of the corona virus. This campaign has been going on every year since then. The army team had collected 10 tons of garbage in 2019 and 27 tons in 2021.

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