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Nagi Gompa Nunnery

Nagi Gompa Nunnery

This Nunnery is situated at Shivapuri National Park. There are almost 80 Nuns at the moment. The nunnery lies below the daunting Tara Bir Cliff, which is sacred to the female buddha of compassion. Tara is practiced daily by all the nuns. Nagi Gompa was given to Kyabje Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche in the early 1960s by His Holiness the 16th Karmapa and over the years thousands of pilgrims walked up from Kathmandu to receive the meditation master’s precious instructions known as “guidance through personal experience.” Since then it has been expanded several times, most recently with new quarters for nuns and guest retreatants.

Nagi gompa | Berg Reisen Nepal

The Gompa is almost 15 kilometers from the heart of the City. It takes about half an hour to drive with a private car to the Budhanilkantha, where the sleeping Hindu God Vishnu lies. From there you will enter into the Shivapuri national par area. The Nunnery lies about an elevation of 1600 meters. From here you can see the panoramic view of Kathmandu valley. This tour takes no longer than a day hike. No one needs any trekking gears like in the hilly region. Whenever you are here, you will feel another atmosphere and environment. Which you didn’t felt yet while you are in Kathmandu valley city.

This place is also popular for the Buddhist pilgrims, because of hanging prayer flags. On a special ceremonial day, they will go to the Nunery and hanging prayer flags with pray for their long life including all the living things and human beings on the earth.

So, it is also known as a pilgrimage site around Kathmandu. For international travelers, after attempting their tour either in the Himalaya trekking and mountaineering tour or in the city for their last refreshment this is one of the recommendable places.

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