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Regarding on arrival visa open and quarantine removed.

Travel resumption in Nepal | Berg Reisen Nepal

In this regard, we all know that the world has been affected by the Corona epidemic which has been spreading globally for a long time. From the time of this epidemic, the world has now received some relief. Keeping this in mind, the Government of Nepal has done a remarkable job in mobilizing the tourism sector for some time, highlighting the struggle and hard work of all tourism-related umbrella organizations including the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAN) to open on arrival visas and remove quarantine system. The government’s decision to open on-arrival visas and remove the quarantine system is truly commendable. The Government of Nepal has issued the following order to manage the movement of Nepalese and foreigners coming to Nepal from abroad without adversely affecting the prevention, control, diagnosis, and treatment of covid infection.

Documents required in case of foreign nationals wishing to enter Nepal after completing the amount of vaccination:

  1. A) Evidence of completion of 14 days of vaccination against Covid-19
  2. B) Evidence of a negative test report of Covid 19 within 72 hours of being checked in for aviation.
  3. C) Copy of permission for mountaineering and trekking and other matters requiring permission
  4. D) Proof of hotel booking in Nepal
  5. E) Print letter filled in the online form by logging in to www.ccmc.gov.np (international traveler online arrival form)

Rules to be followed by foreign nationals who want to enter Nepal without completing the vaccination amount or after entering:

  1. A) In case of testing positive for antigen at the immigration entry point of Nepal, foreign nationals must stay in hotel quarantine for 10 days at their own expense. Only after testing the Covid 19 on the 11th day and the report is negative, such foreign nationals will be able to engage in the work as per the purpose of their visit to Nepal.
  2. B) While testing Covid 19 or living in isolation and other expenses including insurance shall be borne by the foreign nationals themselves.
  3. C) All foreign nationals visiting Nepal should immediately test for Covid-19 if they show signs or symptoms of Covid-19 and stay in isolation if the report is positive.
  4. It will be the responsibility of the concerned agency to comply with the conditions as per this order for the tourists who have come to Nepal through travel or trekking.
  5. E) It will be the responsibility of the hotel concerned to ensure that the foreign nationals staying in the hotel quarantine or isolation comply with the relevant standards.
  6. F) If any tourist does not comply with the conditions as per this order, the concerned agency or hotel shall immediately inform the Nepal Police or the concerned body.

Source: Department of Immigration

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