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Timo Leukel’s Review

Timo leukel Testimonial-Berg Reisen Nepal

“At the end of February 2015, I was traveling with Gelu Sherpa in a guided tour to Everest Base Camp Trek, it was all very well organized and Gelu was the perfect travel companion, very charming and funny, he has a great deal of knowledge about the area People, the mountains and culture and religion.

Our trekking was very good, except for a late winter break in the Khumbu Valley, where we were then snowed. The Porters and Sherpas did everything, the treks were cleared and we were able to get back to Namche Bazar. Unfortunately, we had to change the route due to the snow and then made the slightly lower trek from the airport Lukla to Jiri. A wonderful trekking tour, where you got to know original Nepal with its lovely people and their way of life very authentically. It was still two very strenuous snow-covered passes on the route that demanded everything from us.

Overall, you can fully trust Gelu Sherpa and his organization, everything is well organized and I would plan with him again on my next trip to Nepal.

Timo Leukel


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