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Dakshinkali temple - 1 Day

Dakshinkali temple | Berg Reisen Nepal

Dakshinkali temple is about 20km. Located southwest of Kathmandu. Literally translated “Dakshinkali” means Kali of the South. This temple is located in a gorge between two rocky hills at the confluence of two small rivers. This is the site of a bloodthirsty sacrifice ritual. The kali becomes uncastrated male pets, e.g. billy goats, buffalos, roosters and ducks sacrificed. This sacrifice takes place to a large extent in October at the Dashain Festival. The meat is then often eaten at the neighboring picnic place.

Poor people can also enjoy meat in this way if they are not vegetarian. Most pilgrims come to Dakshinkali Temple on Tuesdays and Saturdays. There are numerous people in line, the rooster under his arm and waiting for their sacrifice to be made. They cut the animal’s neck and let the blood drip on the kali figure. It is said that pilgrims’ wishes come true here, sins are forgiven and at the same time an unfortunate one is redeemed as an animal. There is a very interesting legend about this goddess standing in this canyon while many other deities are high.

The legend goes something like this – When this area was once without a deity, a tantrik tried to give the kali goddess a good home on top of the mountain. With the help of his tantric powers, he was able to convince the kali to follow him. So, the two began a strenuous journey from Kathmandu to Pharping. When the two arrived here, it got dark and the “kali” asked the tantrik to take a night break here.

Dakshinkali temple | Berg Reisen Nepal

When the morning broke out, the tantric experienced a big surprise that the kali was transformed into a stone figure in this gorge. During the night a demon tried to drop her off the square because the kali was in his area. In a fight, the Kali defeated the demons and trampled him under her feet. The Tantrik couldn’t do anything. He left kali here and went on and he never came back here. Because this gorge is on the south side of the place it is called “Dakshinkali”.


The Temple of Goddess Kali.

The legend of Dakshinkali.

Pharping a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site or Monastery.

Buddhist Stupas and picnic spot.

Day 1
Drive to Dakshinkali by Car/ Bus or Van

After breakfast our tour guide or city guide will pick you up from the Hotel. It takes about 1 hrs drive from Kathmandu to Pharping/ Dakshinkali. You will observe not only the Dakshinkali temple, but also the Buddhist pilgrimage site around Pharping which is nearly half an hours walk uphill from Dakshinkali Temple. After visiting all the religious site around Dakshinkali and pharping you will bring back to the same Hotel in Kathmandu.

Cost includes:

  • Transportation from kathmandu to Dakshinkali and back to Kathmandu.
  • All the entry permits fee during sightseeing in Dakshinkali and pharping.
  • A bottle of mineral water per person in vehicle.

Cost excludes:

  • he beverage like coke, mineral water, biscuits and chocolate on the way.
  • The price what is not above mentioned.

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Dakshinkali temple

Trip Facts

  • Car/ Jeep/ Van/ Bus (Ground transportation)
  • 02 - 10
  • 1400m.
  • 1 Day (Sightseeing Tour)
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