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Namo Buddha Hiking - 1 Day

Namo Buddha is one of the most popular Buddhist pilgrimage site. It is about 45 kilometers southeast of Kathmandu, it is also known as holiest Buddhist site in the world. Namo Buddha is known by Tagma Lu Jin in Tibetan language, which means to sacrifice the body to the mother Tiger. When you walk few minutes up from the stupa you will find the statue of the mother tiger and her 5 cubs.

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The Buddha sacrificing his body to the mother tiger.

Once the mother tiger was very weak and she couldn’t attack any other animals to feed her cubs, finally she felt very weak and sick and no more energy even she couldn’t lift her head. At the same time one great being was appeared and thought that how to help that mother tiger, after a long thought he decided to sacrifice himself to feed the mother tiger and her cubs. So the great being sharpened a splinter from a tree and cut his body to draw blood, which he allowed to lick the mother tiger. After that the mother tiger opened her jaws and stood up, finally she pounced on that great being and devoured him. So that is the reason that this place is known as “Tag ma Lu Jin” in Tibetan Language. Tag = Tiger, Ma = Mother, Lu = Body, Jin = to sacrifice.

Visit Namo Buddha | Berg Reisen Nepal
Namo Buddha Monastery
  • To explore the Buddhist Monastery called Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery.
  • To visit the historic place, where the great being had sacrifice his whole body to the mother tiger.
  • To see the sorrounding mountains of Gauri shankar and Mahalangur himalayan ranges.
Day 1
Drive from kathmandu to Namo Buddha via Dhulikhel. 45km. driving about 2.5 hrs.

On this day hiking you can either stay one night at Namo Buddha or one can also return back to kathmandu on the same day. It takes about 2.5 hrs from ktm. to Namo Buddha and again same time to return back to ktm. Includes hiking and visiting it will takes about 7-8 hrs.

Cost includes:

  • 1. All the ground transportation.
  • 2. lunch at Namo Buddha in a local restaurant.
  • 3. Day hiking and visiting Monastery.

Cost excludes:

  • 1. Hot or Cold drinks, except tea or coffee at the Lunch time.
  • 2. Mineral water coke, fanta etc.
  • 3. All the beverages or alcoholic drinks.


How long does it takes from kathmandu to Namo Buddha ?

From kathmandu to Namo Buddha one can drive with the jeep or a car. One can also drive with a bus if the Number of members are more. It is about 45 km. southeast from kathmandu city.

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Namo Buddha Hiking
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