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Peak Climbing

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Nepal is one of the best destinations for the peak climbing. Which means that the summit below 7000m. are called trekking peaks. There are around 1300 peaks that are above 5500m. To climb the small trekking peak you need a basic climbing techniques or basic Mountaineering skills, i.e. to use ice axe, knowledge about the rope, walking on crampons, rock climbing techniques, etc. We have well trained and experienced climbing Guide and Sherpas they lead during your climbing the peaks in Nepal.

There are some Major trekking peaks in Nepal. Such as Island peak (6189m.), Lobuche Peak (6119m.), Mera Peak, (6476m.), in Khumbu Himal (Everest Region) and Pisang Peak (6091m.), Chulu east (6584m.), Chulu west (6419m.), Dhampus peak (6.012m.).

Some of them are easy and moderate. such as Mera peak. The difficulty level for Mera Peak climbing is between moderate to difficult. Some might get altitude sickness. However,  trekkers with good fitness level should not be having any problem in accomplishing the journey.

Climbing is the activity of using one’s hands, feet, or any other part of the body to ascend a steep topographical object. Your participation on the climbing peaks is to boost your self-confidence. Thus to ensure that you are well prepared to safely and successfully do the summit of your chosen mountain.

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Peak Climbing
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