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White water rafting in Nepal

River rafting in Nepal | Berg Reisen Nepal

Have you heard about white water rafting in Nepal? This is one of the popular adventure water sport in Nepal. If you love adventure and rafting then you are highly recommended to go for rafting tours in Nepal. 

The land of mountains, Nepal is actually one of the best destinations for white water rafting. The incredible current in the rivers of Nepal makes it apparent for rafting. The rapid flow of rivers is surrounded by tall hills and mountains so you can enjoy the beauty of nature while camping in these beautiful places. 

There are various types of white water rafting in Nepal for the convenience of choosing the suitable one. All the river rafting in Nepal are categorized into classes according to the motion of the river currents. It starts from class 1, being the easiest one and can range up to class 8 or 10. 

Some of the best white water rafting trips in Nepal are mentioned below. Choose a suitable trip at your convenience. 

White water rafting in Bhote Koshi 

white water rafting nepal |Berg Reisen NepalOne of the most popular destinations in Nepal for white water rafting is the spectacular Bhote Koshi. This trip can be completed in one day. It can be categorized as class 3 rapids so white water rafting in Bhote Koshi is ideal for family and for friends. Bhote Koshi is also popular for bungee jumping. This trip exhibits a nice blend of nature and adventure. 

White water rafting in Trishuli 

white water rafting in nepalAnother popular river for white river rafting among adventure lovers is the Trishuli River. The river looks stunning and the rapids are moderately difficult so people who seek an average level of drifts in the river can select this trip. It is a short trip that extends from 1 to 3 days. 

White water rafting in Kali Gandaki 

The Kali Gandaki River is one of the preferred rivers for white water rafting. It is a three days long package that begins from Pokhara. This Kali Gandaki Gorge is the major attraction of White water rafting in Kali Gandaki, which is the deepest gorge in the world. It can be enjoyed as a short trip. 

White water rafting in Sun Koshi 

white water rafting | Berg Reisen NepalSun Koshi is the longest river in Nepal. It is a 8 days trip located in south-eastern Nepal. Sun Koshi is widely known for rafting and kayaking. White water rafting in Sunkoshi is suitable for rafters who want to upgrade the challenge level. The tranquil camping beaches are clean and surrounded by high hills. Camping and sunbathing on shimmering gold like sand will be an amazing experience. 

River rafting in Upper Seti River 

river rafting in nepal | Berg Reisen NepalUpper Seti River has a reputation for being a challenging river among adventure lovers. But, the challenge is worth taking due to its enjoyable quick rapids. The quick gushing rapids garners all elements of adventure. It is categorized as having rapids of class 4-5. Enjoy the view of snow-capped high mountains and serene gorges while rafting in the turbulent currents of Upper Seti River. 

White water rafting in Low Seti River 

White water rafting in Low Seti River is suitable for those who want to enjoy rafting in a relaxing way while observing gorgeous hills and landscape. The white river rafting in Low Set River can be best explained as small wavewhite water rafting in nepal | Berg Reisen Nepals with no rapid currents. The gentle waves are more calm and relaxing. It is a 2 days trip that starts from Damauli and ends at Gai Ghat. 

White water rafting in Tamur 

Tamur is the sixth-largest river in Nepal flowing below Mt. Kanchenjunga. It has some powerful rapids that can be quite intimidating so beginners are not recommended this trip. The scary rapids can get highly technical to tackle so only experienced rafters should try to attempt this trip. It is a 12 days expedition. First, we will trek to the destination while carrying rafts. White river rafting in Tamur will be a whole new experience. 

White water rafting in Marsyangdi 

white water rafting | Berg Reisen NepalOne of the most challenging rafting in Nepal is white water rafting in Marsyangdi. It is a 3 days trip, with the difficulty level of Class 5. The gushing rapids lead to risks in turbulent water that only highly experienced rafters should attempt. The narrow passages are complex, twisting and the spinning adrenaline rush are life-threatening so it is not recommended to first-timers. 


When is the best time for white water rafting in Nepal? 

The climate and weather of Nepal are such that is suitable for various sports and ventures. For white river rafting in Nepal, you should choose the best season to fully enjoy the adventure and nature. 

Winter – In the winter season, during the months of December, January and February, it is very cold. So, it becomes hard to raft in cold water. Winter season is not suitable for white river rafting in Nepal. 

Monsoon – In the monsoon season, during the months of June, July and August, unexpected rapids may occur. It leads to problems and risks. So you are not suggested to select a white river rafting trip in Nepal during monsoon to avoid high rapids at a moderate level of rivers. 

Spring – To enjoy the real features of the specific rivers, the spring season can be best suited for white river rafting. From September to November, the weather is clear and comfortable. During this season, the weather does not have a drastic effect on the river. The behavior of the river can be predicted. 

Summer – Summer season is also suitable for river sport as you will feel cool and calm but scorching heat might cause sunburn and the rapids might not be that high. The river flow decreases in summer. From March to May, it is hot days so playing in the water is suitable. 

How difficult is white water rafting in Nepal? 

White water rafting in Nepal is an enthralling water sport recommended to people of all ages. It is a difficult water sport as it demands swimming skills and an average level of physical fitness and mental fitness. 

Our experienced team will make sure everything goes as per plan. We have professional guides to guide you throughout the trip. They will give you tips and tricks to survive problems and enjoy the river rafting. Remember to follow the guide’s instructions so as to reduce risks and difficulties. 

Is it necessary to hire a guide? 

Yes, you should definitely hire a guide for your own safety. Rafting is such an adventure sport that requires technical skills to tackle raft at high rapids. A guide will train you and give you advice. Listen to the guide’s instructions carefully and follow it for an enjoyable trip. The presence of a guide brings confidence. 

Is white water rafting in Nepal best for first-timer? 

Nepal consists of rivers with various levels of rapids and currents that are best for rafting but not all rivers are suitable for a person for rafting. You should qualify some demands for some rafting trips to avoid problems. 

It is best if first-timers choose rivers with low rapids. Rivers of class I-III can be picked by first-timers as they are not dangerous. The humble rapids can be noticed but cannot harm you. Experienced rafters who are experts in this water sports can go for difficult rivers with high rapids. Swimming skill is mandatory and other technical skills are also required for difficult rivers. 

Which package to choose for rafting? 

You can decide which package to choose based on the leisure time you can invest on vacation. You can go on a short vacation or a long vacation to rafting trips. 

One day river rafting trip – A one-day river rafting trips are the trip that can be completed within a single day. We start and end the journey on the same day. These tours are usually to a near destination that can be reached within a few hours. Ideal for one day vacation to enjoy with families 

Multi-days trips – Multi-days trips are the trips that take several days to complete. These tours are usually to a destination far from the starting point. These trips are comparatively expensive than one-day trips. These trips are suitable for enjoying long vacations. 


White water rafting is an adventure sport that is excellent for grabbing a wonderful experience but this sport demands ample precaution and preparation. Some rivers are not dangerous while some rivers of Nepal with high turbulent risks life. If we are rafting in the dangerous rivers of Nepal then some measures should be applied. 

  • If the raft flips over white rafting then there is a possibility of drowning. So wearing a life jacket is mandatory to avoid drowning. It helps to float. 
  • Swimming skill is a must for rafting at high rapid rivers. The guide is there to help so follow their instructions. 
  • Make sure you are both physically and mentally fit for white river rafting otherwise it will be difficult to complete the trip. Poor health leads to a heart attack sometimes during rafting. 
  • For a safe and enjoyable trip, you should carry all the necessary gear and equipment to avoid risks and problems. 


White river rafting in Nepal is highly recommended to those who love to experience adventure closely with nature. Berg Reisen Nepal ensures high-quality River equipment and gear for our customers. And, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the package so enjoy overnight outdoors in a hassle-free way with us. 

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