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Wildlife Safari in Nepal

wildlife safari in nepal | Berg Reisen Nepal


  • Explore the beautiful forest and diverse wildlife including some endangered animals 
  • Paradise for photographer, naturalist and Bird lover: Nepal is home to 886 species of birds
  • Stroll around the tribal villages and enjoy ethnic dishes
  • Enjoy the cultural shows featuring tribal dance and songs
  • Enjoy hunting in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
  • Discover Royal Bengal Tiger, one-horned rhino and many other endangered animals in its natural habitats 

wildlife safari in nepal | Berg Reisen Nepal

Viewing wild animals in their natural habitat is an iconic experience every adventure lover wants to experience. Walking among the wild is once in a lifetime thrilling adventure. Experiencing the wildlife while spending the night in the middle of the jungle adds spice to the adventure you have been missing your entire life.

An opportunity to live among them gives a peek on how intense the experience can be. There is no safety concern; tour guides sniff wild animals from miles away. Trust your guides and take full advantage of the opportunity. 

The abundance of national parks housing diverse wildlife makes Nepal an ideal place for enjoying wildlife safari. Nepal has 3 reserves and 9 national parks hosting an entirely distinct ecosystem that consist of 886 spices of birds out of which 35 species are globally threatened, 208 species of mammals, 200 species of fish and 400 species of flora.

wildlife safari in nepal | Berg Reisen Nepal

After spending a lifetime seeing animals in captivity, the opportunity to see them roaming free will make your heart go faster; the feeling is surreal. Turn your safari dream into reality and experience the best every area has to offer. This Life-changing experience provides a deeper meaningful understanding of wildlife as well as local culture and lifestyle. Some of the best places to explore spectacular wildlife up close include Bardia National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, Chitwan National Park, Shuklaphanta wildlife reserve, Sagarmatha National Park and Baruli Community Homestay. 

Bardia National Park, an isolated and overlooked area, gives enough reason for anyone to find a way to such heavenly land. Breakaway from the crowd and spend your vacation in Nepal’s largest and unspoiled park. Breathe in the fresh air while enjoying the view of dolphins and Royal Bengal tigers. 

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and Chitwan National park are popular for bird watching. Shuklaphanta wildlife reserve is open grassland housing 46 species of mammals, 423 species of birds and 28 species of fish. 

A visit to Sagarmatha National Park will leave you awe-inspired. The park houses the world’s highest mountains, Mt. Everest. Deep valleys, glaciers, massive rocks, and distinctive floras further enhance the exceptional beauty of the park. It shelters endangered species such as red panda, snow leopard, along with Himalayan Monal and the Crimson-horned pheasant. Baruli Community Homestay allows visitors to immerse themselves in indigenous culture and wildlife in Chitwan. The homestay has a 14 private cottage reflecting Tharu architecture. 

wild life safari in nepal | Berg Reisen Nepal

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is the only hunting hub of Nepal. One of the major adventure activities in Nepal, hunting is very popular among tourists. The hunting reserve is made of flat meadows, Marshland and forests. It houses 18 mammal species, 137 species of birds, and 58 vascular plants. The hunting of only some specific animals is allowed by acquiring hunting permits. 

There are various means to enjoy wildlife safari in Nepal. Elephant ride, jeep ride, Canoe ride, and jungle walk are popular among visitors. Walking beside the soothing rivers sculpted through colorful trees inside the steamy jungle accompanied by a view of peacock dancing, colorful birds and beautiful animals, the experience is heart-melting. Encountering baby crocodiles while boating adds up to the thrill. Riding on elephant back will allow you to see wild animals closely. Jeep safari is safe, comfortable and provides a better angle for taking photographs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is safari safe?

The chances are very less, but while navigating the trail of jungles where wilds are roaming freely, you may encounter some unexpected situation. However, there is nothing to worry about when you are accompanied by well-trained and experienced guides. Listen to your guide and stay close. They are also trained in handling an emergency. Additionally, medical services along with air services are available. 

Is Nepal safe to visit?

Nepal has stable politics. The crime rate is very low. Locals are welcoming and helpful. It’s safe for solo female travelers as well. 

What are the things we need to pack for the safari?

Pack the clothes as per the weather. If it’s a rainy season, pack raincoats, boots, and warm clothes. In the dry season, you might need sandals, walking shoes, a swimsuit, hat, sunscreen, etc. A pair of binoculars and a camera will make your safari more interesting. Mosquito repellent cream can come handy. 

Which season is ideal to go for safari?

You can embark on a safari trip at any time of year. Every season has its perk. However, due to the harsh sun, summer might be a little unpleasant. 

Do I need to carry medical documents?

It’s important to carry the needed medicine and medical documents if you have any health issues. 

How much does Nepali safari cost?

Safari in Nepal is relatively cheap. The cost of the safari depends upon the season, groups, package, etc. For more details, please contact Berg Reisen Nepal. 

Will there be electricity?

It depends on which area you are visiting. Most of the lodges have a power supply. However, the electricity supply will be very limited in camping and canoeing safaris.  

What standard of food should I expect during the safari?

Food will be hygienic and match your taste. Our guides are trained in preparing different kinds of food. Moreover, the lodges also offer high-quality food. Enjoy the Nepali cuisines, ethic meals or international cuisines, you will find everything. 

Should I tip my guide or other helpers?

It entirely depends on the individual. Though it’s not expected, it’s a good way to show gratitude. If you are happy with their service, you may show appreciation with some financial help. 

Should I get travel insurance?

It’s very important to take travel insurance. It will be easy for you if any unexpected situation like loss of baggage, a flight delay or health issue arises. 

Do I need a permit to hunt in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve?

You will need a hunting license if you are willing to enjoy the hunting. The department of national park and Wildlife Conservation issue the license. 


Wildlife safari in Nepal can be the best way to explore wildlife, traditional villages, culture, and lifestyle; in short, the overall natural beauty of Nepal. So hurry up! Connect with us. We specialize in the custom made itinerary. Express your needs with us. We are here at your service. 

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