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Yoga is very closely associated with Hinduism and Buddhism. Yoga means a spiritual exercise that holds people physically together. It puts the soul under control and it then relaxes the body through the various forms of exercise. It also creates a person’s inner strength. Yaga holds the brain, throat, heart, stomach and sexual organ together. Nowadays, yoga has become an area of interest for foreigners. In addition to adventure tours, etc., foreigners are also expressly interested in yoga tours. The sadhus, or ascetics, are examples of yoga culture. The connection of the exercise-related phases with the human body is not easy. It takes a long time until you become moderately fit yoga.

Here are the 8 main yoga phases.

  • Social discipline
  • Self discipline
  • Body position
  • Expansion of energy through breathing
  • Control of the sense organs
  • Concentration
  • Meditation
  • Super awareness

Social discipline

By social discipline or yama we mean elements such as Honesty, free from violence, not stealing etc. being single, energy conservation. The above elements play a very important role today.

The mental discipline is called “Niyam”. You have to keep this discipline to live a happy life.

Asana or body position depends very much on the different phases of the exercise. This discipline frees you from stress, nervousness, excitement and depression. Asana is also a functional body exercise.

Pranayama or breathing means strength. It is neither air nor breathing. Maintain this “shakti” or power in your body while you are still alive. This exercise frees people from mental illnesses.

Control of the sense organ or “Pratyahara” means control of the sense organs in the body. The sensory organs are actually very difficult to control because they are very flexible in nature. Having meaning and making sense lead to the unlimited fulfillment of desires, which can sometimes be very dangerous for people. In yoga, the senses are very demonic in character. You can successfully remove these negative elements by slowing down the Pratyahar exercise.

Concentration or Dharana also plays a special role in yoga, whereby you can keep the flexible sense under control. One concentrates either on the figure of a deity, picture or on any object in the room. Before you look at the elements / objects in front of you, study their character with your eyes open, then you start with the concentration with your eyes closed. Concentration is also a way whereby people see, understand and accept the world with inner strength. Concentration is the best way to keep the brain always ready.

Supper consciously means that you consciously understand the realities of life, or rather, you identify yourself with the realities in life. If you understand the reality as it is, it is a way of redemption in the realities of life.

The types of yoga

There are various forms in the yoga tradition that are interrelated. You understand it like this:

  • Achievement in life- Good achievements in life mean good results.
  • Worship – The more you worship the deities, the more pure the soul becomes.
  • Meditation
  • Knowledge – The more you expand your knowledge in life, the more intelligent you become.
  • Yoga is also a medicine for people.
  • Yoga also helps to cure the following diseases, such as Heart-related diseases, circulatory diseases, nerve diseases, spinal problems, problems with the musculoskeletal system, women suffering from respiratory diseases, metabolic diseases.