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The best time to visit Nepal

The best time to visit Nepal

The best time to travel to Nepal starts in early October and lasts until the end of April. May is relatively hot. From mid-June to the end of September is the rainy, humid, and hot monsoon season in which the leeches become active. Often it only rains at night. Enormous rainfall is expected on the southern side of the Himalayas, landslides are common. In the rain shadow behind the main Himalayan ridge, it stays dry in Mustang and Dolpo, summer is hiking time there. In Jomsom and the Manang region, it remains relatively dry, even in the Khumbu above Namche. Trekking is possible, but the mountain view is often restricted. In humid summer it can get hot in Kathmandu up to 37 ° C, in the Terai lowland it can reach well over 40 ° C.

While autumn (September to the end of November) is warm and pleasant in the middle of the highlands, winter (mid-December to mid-February) can get quite cold at night, and even uncomfortably cold in the high Bhotiya and Sherpa villages. High passes then snow up. The Terai lowland is suitable for a stay in winter (warm during the day, somewhat cool at night), where it gets very hot in summer. Winter brings night temperatures of 0 ° C in Kathmandu (1300m.), While during the day, as soon as the morning fog clears, 

The clearest view is from October to December when it rains for a few days. October, November, March, April, and May are good trekking months, especially the second half of October and March. In mid-October, everything is still green from the monsoon, and in March nature is in full bloom.

The spring season

The best time to visit Nepal is mostly in the spring season, which are the Months of March to May. During this season the flowers are blooming as the winter thaw. You can see the sky is clear and the new leaves grow in the trees. Nights are cool. This is the ideal time to arrive in Nepal.

The summer season is (June, July, and August) The terai belts are much hotter than other parts. The average temperature through Nepal is around 28 degrees celsius. Hot days bring dry winds and trekking becomes sweaty.

The monsoon season is (June, July, August, and September)

Monsoon begins from the mid-June and rain pours continue till July, August, September) From August the farmers start to sow crops in the paddy fields. The countryside becomes lush green after the rain pour. Many parts of Nepal are wet and slippery.

The Autumn season  (October, November)

This is another best time to visit Nepal. The downpour of rain is over the sky becomes clear, the weather is pleasant and the surroundings are green and flowers begin to grow. Paths are clear and ideal for trekking so travelers can come to Nepal during this season also.

The Winter season (December-February)

The last cycle of the season is winter. In this season cold begins to engulf the country. Cold winds blow and the Himalayan belts are covered with thick ice and lakes below the mountain get frozen. Paths are obstructed with snow and it gets slippery and traveling this season is not recommended.

Nepali terms for seasons or (Ritu):

  •       Spring-Basanta Ritu.
  •       Summer-Grishma Ritu.
  •       Monsoon- Barkha Ritu.
  •       Early Autumn- Sharad Ritu.
  •       Late Autumn- Hemanta Ritu.
  •       Winter- Shishir Ritu.