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Rock Climbing in Nepal is a daring outdoor adventure for sports and adventure enthusiasts. Along with mountains soaring towards the sky there are sections of steep hills and slopes formed with rocks and stones, minerals and deposits. To climb the high rocks with the help of rope virtually is challenging and also defying the gravity.

Climbers commemorate Pasang Lhamu Sherpa for her climbing spirit of scaling Mount Everest though she couldn’t descend successfully and lost her life. The Pasang Lhamu Climbing wall is an example of such. There are some popular locations for rock climbing in Nepal. These places are Bimalnagar, Shiva Puri Nagarjun National park, Pharping, Dollu, Hattiban, Nagarjun forest areas. Rock climbing is often considered precarious as the slopes are so vertical. The idea behind rock climbing is to start and ascend up to the natural rock formations to reach the endpoint on a tight rope without falling. The rock climbers are often tested on their agility, strength, and endurance.

Rock Climbing in Nepal

All the rock climbers national and foreigners have to undergo climbing training at the hands of experienced climbing guides. The techniques that they teach and safety measures instructions will be of utmost useful to the rock climber while climbing the real site. They also teach and start training on wall climbing that is pseudo of rock walls. In this field, experience and training always come handy before embarking on those above destinations in Nepal.


It is 140 kilometers southwest of Kathmandu City. It has fifty-five meters rock face formation with five pitches altogether. Experienced and trained climbers are brought here for rock climbing.

Shiv Puri Nagarjun National Park:  

Shivapuri Nagarjun National park rock climbing

This site has vivid natural sceneries. It unfolds the views of Mountains over the horizons. It is only thirty minutes of drive from Kathmandu City. Rock climbing in this area is very popular.

Pharping Dollu:

There are solid rock formations on the Kathmandu Pharpingmain road alongside Dollu khola. The cliff has intermediates to advanced single pitch climbing routes. The slope is vertical and there are limestone formations. It is also slightly overhanged.


The rock hangings at Hattiban are nearby Kathmandu and it offers an advanced level climb. The climbing grades ranges from 5A to 6B. Beginners and also experts can embark on rock climbing after formal training and practice at the Hattiban area. The sceneries are also gorgeous at surroundings. It takes one hour drive only to South west of Kathmandu to arrive here.

Nagarjun forest:

A drive of around thirty minutes only to Balaju in the northwest part of Kathmandu will bring you to the beautiful Nagarjun hills and luscious forest area. This place has a Buddhist monastery, meditation center called Tapoban. The main road starts from the Army checkpoint and upon paying permit fees you will reach the cliff that is 15-25 meters in height. It is suitable for all types of climbers from beginners to experts.

Rock climbing in Nepal Dos and Don’ts


✅ Always go with climbers who are experienced and knowledgeable

✅ Plan ahead and prepare

✅ Make a safety check with your climbing guides

✅ Be considerate of your group

✅ Respect the risks and don’t get involved without consent from your guide.

✅ Use durable surfaces to travel and climb

✅ Dispose the wastes properly to avoid litter

✅ Comply with all the instructions of your climbing guide.


❌ Don’t get in way of other climbers

❌ Don’t pass unsolicited advice while others are climbing

❌ Don’t put webbing up against the anchor

❌ Don’t forget to bring drinking water

❌ Don’t go rock climbing alone without guide and staffs