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Bungee jumping in Nepal

Bungee jumping in nepal | Berg Reisen Nepal

    • Experience one of the highest bungee jump in Nepal 
    • Enthralling longest suspension bridge in Nepal 
    • Closer glimpse of diverse geography 
    • Attainable without any special training unlike other adventure sport 

Bungee jumping in nepal | Berg Reisen Nepal

Bungee jumping probably lands in the bucket list of all the individuals who want to sprinkle some adventure in their simple life. It is a common adventure sport among adventure lovers and Nepal can be the ideal place to have an incredible experience of bungee jumping. 

Nepal is one of the best places to make your dream come true. It all started when bungee jumping as an adventure sport was first introduced above the majestic Bhote Koshi river, which is well-known as water rafting. Afterwards, bungee jumping was added in Pokhara, a spectacular lake city in Nepal. 

Bungee jumping in the midst of snow-capped mountains, tall hills, green forest, and the clear sky can be an ultimate thrill one can ever experience in their life-time. The deep roaring river canyon below your jump adds a buzz to the moment while it also makes you skip your heartbeat. 

Thousands of avid adventure lovers reach their bungee jumping destination in Nepal every year and find themselves challenging their guts. It is an excellent activity perfect for both beginners and experienced travelers. Enjoy exploring the flawless natural beauty of Nepal while heading for bungee jumping in Nepal. 

As for now, you can find bungee jumping activity in two places in Nepal. Another destination will soon be adding in the list which is set to open in 2020. Let’s explore the bungee jumping destinations in Nepal. 

Bungee jumping in Bhote Koshi

Bungee jumping in nepal |Berg Reisen Nepal

Bungee jumping in Bhote Koshi is the pioneer of bungee jumping in Nepal. It is an easy and short trip to  Bhote Koshi, which takes us hardly 4 hours to reach there. Located near the Nepal-Tibet border, we will end up at ‘The Last Resort’. The place has a nice view with attractive features and facilities. 

After strolling around for a while, we will step up to the longest suspension bridge of Nepal, which lies 160m above the Bhote Koshi river. An interesting fact about this suspension bridge is that it is designed especially by an expert from New Zealand. So, if you have any doubt then the whole structure for bungee jumping is totally safe. 

To jump from 160m facing the rapids of Bhote Koshi is not an easy task. While walking across the long suspension bridge, you will already have a sense that it is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a brave heart and knowledge of technicalities to jump from such a tall height. So before the jump, the experts will be giving you a briefing about how to bungee jump. If you follow the instructions, your experience will be wonderful. 

There are few options for bungee jumping in Bhote Koshi. The Last Resort offers choices like couple bungee jump, Night bungee jump, and single bungee jump. 

Bungee jumping in Pokhara 

Bungee jumping in nepal | Berg Reisen Nepal

The bungee jumping in Pokhara is slightly different from bungee jumping in Bhote Koshi. Beginners are highly recommended to go for bungee jumping in Pokhara. The height measures 75 m above a deep pond. 

Enjoy geographic diversity while heading to the destination, Hemja village. Beginners interested in exploring adventure sports can start with bungee jumping in Pokhara. It takes guts, confidence, and will to perform it so you really have to be ready for it. You will have a sense of accomplishment after successfully jumping off the suspension bridge. Float in the sky surrounded by snow-capped mountains and enjoy nature. 

People can spend their short vacations here. It is also a great option to spend the weekend. Pokhara is also well-known for paragliding and zipline. 

Bungee jumping in Kushma 

Bungee jumping in nepal | Berg Reisen Nepal

Bungee jumping in Kushma is a highly anticipated venture of 2020. The 228 m high jump above the rigorous Kali Gandaki river is set to be the second highest bungee jump in the world. 

It was scheduled to open in April 2020 but due to covid-19 pandemic lockdown, the date has been shifted. But it will soon be open for bungee jumping. Then, you can enjoy the bungee jump in Kushma with your friends and family. 


Is bungee jumping safe in Nepal? 

Yes, bungee jumping is safe in Nepal. The suspension bridges are risk proof. To avoid problems during bungee jump, experts take a special training class before the actual jump. Then, they also ensure the ropes and locks are proper. They take proper measures for safety so that you can enjoy bungee jumping without worry. 

Which is the best time for bungee jumping? 

The best time for bungee jumping is whenever your heart says. If you are ready then it is the best time to do it. But, technically, if you want to jump over the rigorous rapids of Bhote Koshi then you are suggested to choose the time during Spring (March-May) or Autumn (September-November) season. 

During these seasons, the weather is slightly moist and clear. The ambience is just right to be around the stunning nature of Nepal. It is the peak season so expect a crowd of people. You might even have to wait for your turn to bungee jumping. 

How to book for bungee jumping in Nepal? 

It is easy to book for bungee jumping in Nepal. You simply contact us and book your trip. We will then arrange accommodation, meals, transportation, and bungee jumping arrangements. You won’t have to take stress of anything after booking your trip with us. Last-minute booking is also available. For more information, connect with us. 

What is the price of bungee jumping in Nepal? 

The price of bungee jumping in Nepal is quite affordable. It costs around $68 for bungee jumping, and Zipflyer and bungee jumping combo is $120 in Pokhara. It costs around $72 for bungee jumping in Bhote Koshi. 

The cost does not include videography and photography. Extra charge needs to be paid for videos and photographs.  

What is the weight range for bungee jumping? 

Bungee Jumping in  Bhote Koshi : The minimum weight should be 40 kg and at maximum 98kg. 

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara : The minimum weight should be 35 kg and at maximum 125 kg. 

What about food and accommodation? 

Our service includes taking care of your food and accommodation as well. Enjoy traditional food and surprise your taste bud for once. We will arrange your accommodation and food, which is included in the package. But expense outside of the package will not be entertained by our agency. 


  • Bungee jumping is suitable for adults (18 years or above) with sound health. The individual should be physically and mentally fit. 
  • If the individual has any health problems like Heart disease, High blood pressure, Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Orthopedic problems, Psychological problems, Neurological problems, then it is highly recommended to avoid bungee jumping. Do not lie about your health condition to the experts. It can be risky. 
  • Do not consume alcohol before bungee jumping. 
  • Follow instructions given by experts. 
  • Wear sports shoes and comfortable clothes suitable for swinging in the air. 


Bungee jumping in Nepal is an exciting way to challenge yourself and explore the natural surrounding of Nepal. Delve in the adventure you thrive to have in your life with our support. Connect with Berg Reisen Nepal to experience the best service and hospitality. If you have any queries, our team of experts will guide you throughout. So contact us for detailed information. 

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