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Trip to Chitlang, Kulekhani and Markhu

Chitlang kulekhani trip | Berg Reisen Nepal

Chitlang, Kulekhani and Markhu, the nearest places from Kathmandu to visit any time of year, has grabbed quite an attention from travelers. Embark into a wonderful journey to these stunning destinations with your friends and family and experience the heavenly blessing of mother nature without much toil. 

Chitlang kulekhani trip | Berg Reisen Nepal

Trip to Chitlang, Kulekhani, and Markhu is a lesser-known trek to Nepal’s largest manmade lake in Markhu. This trip is an amazing package to enjoy a short vacation. It is mainly suitable for a night out, hiking, campfire, barbeque, picnic, cycling, and much more. 

Trip to Chitlang, Kulekhani, and Markhu is a short trip so it is easily approachable, pocket-friendly, and time-saving. This tour can be ventured by anyone with sound health. This trip allows you to experience the green environment unspoiled by urbanization. The tranquil village in the middle of city buzz is worth your visit for its unmatchable scenic landscape. 

It is a road trip that lies in the Makwanpur district of Narayani zone. It is a low-altitude trek so you can start hiking from Chandragiri. 


  • Kulekhani Dam, Nepal’s largest manmade lake  
  • Exploring the stunning Chitlang village and Markhu village 
  • View of spectacular snow-capped mountains 
  • Boating at Indrasarovar Lake 
  • Flavorsome fresh fish of Markhu 


We can take public transportation from the old bus park, which is near Thamel. From the old bus park, we will take a bus to Chandragiri. It will not take more than 1 hour to reach Chandragiri. We will start our hike from Chandragiri. Sometimes travelers start their hike from Godam. 

The roads of Chitlang and Markhu are in good condition so travelers sometimes drive to their destination but hiking through the forest and observing the mountains in the fresh air is heavenly. 


The Chitlang village in Tistung/ Palung has a spectacular landscape and offers some amazing views of snow-capped mountains. Chitlang is one of the popular weekend spots among local travelers. It is renowned for pear ‘Naspati’ and the first Nepalese goat cheese factory. There is a provision for the travelers to manifest the process of manufacture of goat cheese so do not miss the opportunity while you’re there. Chitlang also offers a magnificent view of some high peaks like Lakpa Dorje and Jugal Himal. 

Chitlang kulekhani trip | Berg Reisen Nepal

Chitlang Village is one of the oldest villages in Nepal that has preserved the ancient structures and culture to date. The Chitlang route used to be a connecting route for Kathmandu and Terai region before the road was constructed. So several wooden carved resting spots ‘Pauwa’ can be seen there which were constructed by the government in the 17th or 18th century for the travelers to rest. 

A holy temple of Lord Shiva, Shivalaya temple resides at Chitlang. It has three pinnacles, which is rare to find in temples in Nepal. Normally, a temple is constructed with one pinnacle in Nepal. This artistic temple in Chitlang is constructed entirely by stone. Interestingly, most of the structures of Chitlang that date to the 17th century are untouched by massive earthquakes that Nepal has suffered twice. 

We stay overnight at one of the oldest resorts of Chitlang, Chitlang organic village resort, and experience their excellent service or you can choose a homestay to explore the lifestyle and culture of the locals. 


Walking downhill from Chitlang, we reach a village with some striking features, called Markhu village. The trekking routes are narrow and slippery so you have to be very careful. 

Chitlang kulekhani trip | Berg Reisen Nepal

Markhu is an old village, it means it used to have a thick settlement of people of Newari ethnic group. The Newari influence can be seen in the architecture of houses and temples. There are few carved stone taps and temples you can witness. It is said that the Mahakavi, Laxmi Prasad Devkota wrote a poem called ‘Yatri’ at one of those stone taps. The exceptional beauty of the place might have compelled the great poet to write poems. 

Just below the Markhu village resides the huge Kulekhani reservoir that was constructed to generate electricity. After an exhausting long walk, the breathtaking view of Kulekhani will leave you awestruck. Kulekhani reservoir, also known as Indra Sarovar lake, is Nepal’s largest manmade lake that has around 25m of depth. It is available for boating too. It may cost around NRs. 100 per person, which is quite a reasonable price. 

Across the lake are some hotels that offer lunches. You can find a variety of delicious fish delicacies there. The travelers consider the fish of Markhu to have the best taste than fish of any other place. They even serve fresh fish from the lake upon request. So try fresh fish of Markhu and share your experience of tasting Markhu fish with us.  

Outlined Itinerary 

Trip to Chitlang, Kulekhani, and Markhu is a 2D/ 1N package which includes transportation, food, and accommodation. There are a few routes you can take to complete the trip. You can customize your trip with convenience to upgrade your trip experience. 

Experiencing the trip during the best time of the year enables us to witness the perfect ambiance of the place without any issues. Before you head for the trip, make sure you are well-equipped with hiking gear to make your journey easier. 

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Chandragiri and Hike to Chitlang 

We will take an early morning drive from Kathmandu to Chandragiri. Then, we will start our hike. The hiking trails penetrate some dense forest. Walking for around 3 to 4 hours we will reach Chitlang. We will explore the hidden beauty of Chitlang all day and spend overnight here. 

Day 02: Hike to Markhu and Drive back to Kathmandu 

After an appetizing breakfast in the morning, we will start our hike towards Kulekhani. It is going to be an exhausting uphill hike, which will approximately take 3 to 4 hrs. We will have lunch across the Indra Sarovar lake. By the evening time, we will conclude our tour and we will drive towards Kathmandu. 


Which is the best time of the year for a trip to Chitlang, Kulekhani and Markhu in Nepal? 

Trip to Chitlang, Kulekhani, and Markhu is suitable to visit during all time of the year because of its low altitude location. Walking through the forest and relaxing by the lakeside is enjoyable at any time of the year. But here is a quick status of the place during the four seasons. 


During December, January, February, it is winter here in Nepal. If you want to experience snowfall during winter, then this trip can be the best choice for you. Since there will be snowfall, you can already guess that it is going to be very cold. You should carry extra warm clothes otherwise, the cold will bother your enjoyment. The temperature will drop significantly so you better head prepared. 


The months of March, April, May are the time of the Spring season. Spring season is considered as the best time of the year to go for the trip to Chitlang, Kulekhani, and Markhu. During the spring season, the weather is clear and fresh. It is neither too hot nor too cold, which makes it the perfect time to go hiking. This is the best time to view the panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains. 


The months of June, July, August are the time of the summer season. During the summer season, the weather is too hot. The roads are dry so expect dusty roads. Some travelers find it difficult to walk uphill during summer. But, at this time of the year, enjoying boating and relaxing by the lakeside is highly recommended. You don’t have to carry extra clothes during summer. 


The months of September, October, and November are the time of the Autumn season. Autumn is also considered as the best time of the year to enjoy this trip as the weather is dewy and fresh. Hiking through trials piercing the dense forests will elevate your journey experience. But due to rainfall, the trails will be muddy and slippery. If you are not careful while walking then there is a high risk of slipping in those paths. You can assist yourself with a hiking stick at those paths to avoid slipping. Be careful of leech though. Wear long trousers and jackets to avoid the attack of leeches. 

Do I need to hire a Guide?

Either you are a solo trekker or a group of trekkers, you are recommended to hire a guide. The company of a professional guide will upgrade your hiking journey to the next level. They will share with you some interesting facts and stories related to the journey and they will be ready to provide you assistance during any kind of uncalled risk. 

What is the cost of Trip to Chitlang, Kulekhani, and Markhu? 

Trip to Chitlang, Kulekhani, and Markhu is a short trip that is located near Kathmandu. This trip is pocket-friendly as the trip comes under NRs. 5,000/- This trip is suitable for travelers of all ages for venturing in groups will be economic. 

Is it suitable for beginner trekkers? 

It is better if beginner trekkers start with low altitude treks and grab trekking experience. So the trip to Chitlang, Kulekhani, and Markhu can be the best choice for beginner trekkers. It is easily attainable and you get to be closer to nature in a short time. 


Trip to Chitlang, Kulekhani, and Markhu is one of the best trekking packages in Nepal that explores the authentic culture and natural beauty of Nepal in a nutshell. If you have any queries, you are free to contact us. You can communicate with our team of experts if you want to personalize the trip. We thrive to offer excellent service. 

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